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Before beginning your quit journey we would like you to accept our terms and conditions. By using our app, we are not advising, implying, or suggesting that any person (especially those with alcohol or opioid related abuse) attempt to quit without first consulting a doctor or medical professional. Any users that are experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms should seek immediate medical care.

Never Better does not accept any legal responsibility for choices made as a result of the use of this app.

None, whatsoever. We never ask you to create an account, log in, or send us information. All of your tracking progress is stored locally on your device. Your data is yours and yours alone.

No, all information is stored on-device and in-app. No profiles, no social media integration of any kind, just you and your personal journey.

Yes, you can use the "Cold Turkey" mode at any time within the app. If you missed this step in the introduction, this setting is located in the Settings menu. In this mode, you'll stop using right away. Use the app to track each day you don't use. Watch the number of days you've been Never Better climb as you continue to get healthier!

The dashboard begins with week one of your journey. Week one starts with the path that you specified earlier (Allowance, Method, Frequency). This gives you a little time to continue your habits as normal. When you use, click "Track" to log a session. Each week your allowance will decrease by one. Do your best to stay within the allowance, if you go over, that's okay, but your goal date will be extended. When your allowance gets to "0", your goal is to NOT use, which will begin your time of being Never Better. From there, it's smooth sailing. You'll log each day you don't use, which will help you celebrate each day of your continued health.

You can track the following substances:

  • Alcohol
  • Weed
  • Tabacco
  • Pain Meds
  • Uppers
  • Downers
  • Caffeine
  • Sugar
  • Binge Eating
  • Porn
  • Gaming (Video Games/Gambling)
  • Shopping
  • Social Media

In Never Better, you can track spending and savings over time. You can also track the status of your mood throughout your quit journey.

The app provides milestones so you can collect achievements like when you earned at least half of your total expenses in savings, or complete your quit journey.

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